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Hi gurus,

This is my very first post, so first of all, greetings and congrats for all of the amazing job you all have been doing here.

I´m also new to travel management and I have an issue, hope you can help me.

We are using bapi BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA to register trips, instead of using PR05 / PR01.

Now, we are being asked to register trips with the status Approval: Request Recorded ( 1 ) and Settlement: Open ( 0 ).

This, in order to be able to register the trip without cost center information ( Since according to the user, this is how they work on PR05).

What I know is that the cost center information is automagically retrieved from the user information and it is in fact registered in the trip.

But when running the BAPI with this Status ( 1 - 0 ), and no info on table COSTDIST_TRIP I get this very obscure error message:

E I::000

I guess it is because of configuration, there must be cost center information... but I' not quite sure.

So please could somebody help me clarify this?

Is there any idea about the error message I'm receiving?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Well, I found documentation that in a way, confirms the idea of this been a consequence of the configuration.

Now I know that if I want to use BAPI_TRIP_CREATE FROM DATA, I need to also feed it with cost centre...

But Cost Centre is not enough... it is also necessary to capture the WBS element.

Now, using a dummy Cost Centre is something we can handle... but not the WBS element.

Could somebody please help me on telling me how to change this wbs element requirement on configuration?

Thanks in advance...