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BAPI_PR_CREATE Error 06 411 Sum of quantities > &< larger than total quantity

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Dear SAP Experts,

I am in the middle of testing BAPI_PR_CREATE and got stucked with this error message. I have entered the quantity in PRITEM as 1.000.

However it stated the error - Sum of quantities > 2.000 < larger than total quantity.

Some of the solutions I found was to reduce the quantity in account assignment items, however even if I set the value to 0, the account assignment's quantity will pick up the same amount as the one I entered in PRITEM.



Any idea what might have caused the error?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Most probably a wrong serial number.

go to SE37 and see the docu, quite large with example for several cases.

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Dear Jürgen, thanks for your answer. I managed to post the PR successfully after correcting the serial number. Thanks for referencing to read the examples in the documentation as well. I may have missed out to read the example properly.

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