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BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_ADD: add a material with purchase type

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Hi folks,

Please, how can I add a material for a network activity with Purchase Type = "Purchase requisition for network"?

When I add a material only Purchase Type = "Reservation for network" is possible. On solution can be fill out the fields Account Assignment Category and Consumption Posting, but I don't know what fields in the table BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_ADD (I_COMPONENTS_ADD) I must to use.

Thanks for any help.

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An old post but someone may still look for an answer like I was.

The solution is to set attribute TYPE_OF_PUR_RESV = 1 (Purchase Requisition for Network) instead of default 3 which I had (Reservation for Network).

This is attribute of BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_ADD type used for call 'BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_ADD'.

By changing this property I was able to display materials created through BAPI in components overview, Purch. tab. Previously it was only Total tab which was showing the entry.

The link where I found corresponding types is here:

How to determine a procurement type of material... | SCN