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BAPI - Business Application Programming Interface

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Dear All,


Pls any one tell me.

What is BAPI ? How it is useful to HR functional & Technical consultant and what is the role of BAPI in SAP R/3.

Appreciate for good answers.

Gud Luck.


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a very nice explaination on Bapis is given on this [link|] please check.

without so much technical stuff and in simple terms u can say. They are Function Modules only that they are SAP provided Remote function calls. meaning. Function modules can be used only within SAP, where as Bapis can be used from outside SAP,thru external applications.

if u want to understand using an HR example.

consider ur company has Intranet portal or any other front end which all the employees are comfortable using. but the company wants to use SAP. and they r not comfortable with SAP interface.they want to continue using their own old portal for various reasons.

in such scenarios, although front end is different portal, it connects to SAP in the back end. the employers do not know that whenever they r changing their phone no/email id etc in thier portal in back end its getting changed in his employee master in IT0105 in SAP.

So how are tey able to acheive this? inputing data in different system but updating SAP system? well thats where BAPIS come into picture. SAP has exposed certain functions to be accessed remotely thru external systems..for such functions it provided BAPIS. in this case of communication SAP provided

BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CHANGE Change communication

BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CREATE Create communication

BAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELETE Delete communication

BAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELIMIT Delimit communications

BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAIL Read communication This is just an example.

go to TCODE: BAPI and check out all the bapis.

go to TCODE: SE37 give a bapi name and read documentations/see source code/etc.

Bapis manipulate SAP business objects,thru API methods.

with this descriptions as a base, try making sense out of what BAPI is by reading above link and other material.and come back with more precise quesions.

To use bapis u require different authorisations..usually authorisation object s_rfc is given.