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BAPI BUS2017 Locked Data for the same user / material and pl

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We are making tests on the LSMW for some movements of inventory. For

these tests, we are using the BAPI with the object BUS2017. In the

testing, we found the problem when we test more than one line for the

same material. It seems to be delayed from the line before, and then is

when the error message "plant data of the material is locked by the

user WF-BATCH".This problem only appear when we do the testing for more

than one material (more than one line). The structure of the text file

that we are using to do the testing is the following:

Line 1)561 MATERIAL "A" PLANT "B" ...............

Line 2)561 MATERIAL "A" PLANT "B" ...............

Line 3)561 MATERIAL "A" PLANT "B" ...............

When we execute the LSMW transaction with this data in the file we have

the error "M3897" The plant data of the material A is locked by the

user WF-BATCH.

This error only appears for some lines, and we think that it's a

problem regarding to the time between the data that it's uddated and

the next line that it's trying to convert.

Can you tell us something regarding to this problem with the LSMW?

We also attach you some screens of the error messages that we have in

the system when we try to do the testing of the materials.


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Answers (2)

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We have solved the problem with the transaction RBDMANI2. This transaction executed the Bapis again and the locked problem is solved because now we haven´t two process at the same time.

Thank you.

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We have checked the solutions that sap support have proposed for our issue. The

problems with the locked is solved with the transaction "omji" if we choose the option "Late

exclusive block" with any "waiting time" but we have to reject this

option because we have to make sure that anybody can change the tables

at the same time that we make the conversion. Otherwise it would became

into an inconsistency.

With the other option "Exclusive Block" we don't have this problem but

the locked issue still happened. We have changed the "waiting time" but

the problem is the same.

So we have to chose the option "Exclusive Block" to make sure anybody

can change the tables at the same time and also don’t have the problems

with locked.

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Hi Alberto,

we have the same probleme in our Entreprise. so how do you save the option "Exclusive Block" without having the locked probleme.

please give help.