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Has anyone had any experience with this BAPI? I posted this question in the ABAP forum but have not gotten any responses.

I'm trying to use this function BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS to change sample results.

I want to invalidate the results with a "/" attribute.

I am receiving this error message:

QI 127 Sample ##### for characteristic w/confirmation no. ####### is not valid

Here is how the code works...

I am reading the sample_results table using function BAPI_INSPOPER_GETDETAIL

Then, I am adjusting the entries for the BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS this way:

sample_results-smpl_attr = '/'.

sample_results-smpl_inval = 'X'.

sample_results-evaluated = 'X'.

sample_results-closed = 'X'.

sample_results-evaluation = 'R'.

In QE71 I can do this, but I must use the Force Close option to get around the error.

Is there any way to run this with the Force Close option?

Is there some other Function I can use to update these results instead?



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Hi Doug,

unfortunately the BAPIs sometimes behave and react different that when manually entering values in a transaction. The main reason for any difference here is the fact that with manually entered data usually the system will accept data that might not be logically correct because of the user control. If the same would be done in a BAPI this could well lead to an inconsistency and in order to avoid this the BAPI may return an error message for the same data constellation.

I hope that this information is usefull in this case.