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Banks master data for QR IBAN

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Hi Community,

I am working for a roll out project for Switzerland and preparing the data migration.

Regarding swiss suppliers, most of them are related to QR IBANs.

Before to load suppliers master data, I have to process banks data migration in order to relate then IBAN to suppliers.

So my question is: which bank keys do I have to define for Banks master data:

- The QR-IID (bank identification) in positions 5–9, using a number range from 30000 through 31999

- Or the standard IBAN IID

- Or both?


As you can see in the screenshot in attachment, IID differs between QR IBAN and Standard IBAN.

My fear is if we create the QR IID and the standard IBAN IID for a same bank, is it considered as duplicates in the System?

In my example for UBS, it would means that all QR IBANs of the same bank will be related to a bank key 30005

And all standard IBANs of the same bank will be related to the bank key 00233.

So I will have 2 banks master data for UBS?

Is it compliant?

Thank you in advance for your help



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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In the SIX-group portal there is a list of all banks registered in SIC system and their IIDs:

The file could be downloaded from the portal and uploaded into SAP system by in S/4HANA Public Cloud for import of bank master data there is App Import Bank Directories,

For QR-IBANs the specific bank in the interval 30000- 31999 must be created. Please note, that the IID must be maintained in the field Bank Number (field BNKA-BNKLZ).