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Bank Transfer to Petty Cash

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Dear  All,

I try to know how to process a bank transfer to Petty cash.

My issue here is; i have a credit limit of my cash for 10000USD for example, each time that I need cash on my "petty cash box", i need to write an email to my manager to approve it by email and then I can create an incoming cash on the system. then i decrease as requested.

My question here: Is there any solution for the process cash in-cash out (Petty Cash Replenishment)?

the system have a good process for check but not for the petty cash.

Thanks in advanced for your answer


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Dear Johanna,

You can do the Bank Transfer to Petty Cash by following the steps given below:

Go to Payment Management Work center --> select Petty Cash view --> select your Petty Cash --> click on New button & select Incoming Cash Transfer.

For further see the screen shot attached below:

If you have any issue regarding this, you can ask.

Thanks & Regards,

Anant Patel


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Dear Anant Patel,

Thanks for your answer. I know this process. this petty cash is for others petty cash. Actually in our system with have a petty created for 5 entities.

I can make the replenishment for others petty cash based in others entity, but I cannot do it for my own company petty.

This is not like when yo make an outgoing check (then approval--> you can print the check) here there is a process. We would like to have the same but for petty cash.

Currently for my Petty cash--> I need before to request an email approval from my manager then make a manual check--> go to the bank and get the cash on my hand and then i make an incoming cash.

I hope you understand my request.



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Dear Johanna

Please raise this requirement in depending on the hits it will be end in the prioritized backlog for development.

Unfortunately your process is not supported in standard. Nevertheless you can check with one of our partners, if you would like to go for a customer specific solution.

Until then you have to go with your current approach.

Best regards