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Bank Reconciliation

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Hi All

I would like to know the the process in Bank reconciliation and how can i print

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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You could also refer to :

SAP Channel Partner Portal-SAP Business One- Support-

Archived Expert Empowerment Session:Performing Reconciliation

Hope this helps

Best Regards

Helen Sun

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Hi Helen,

When we are doing the Corversion Difference process, system will create the JE in SC amount only.

Then there are JEs which we need to reverse next month.

Therefore we need to reconcile those JEs to clean up the data.

But we can not found the SC balance in Internal Reconciliation window.

Can you help me how to do that?

Thanks in Advance,


Lina Yuanita

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Hi Lina,

the reason you run exchange rate & conversion differences is to determine the value in local currency of all open documents. This is traditionally done before financial reporting for e.g. a period end closing. It is meant as a snapshot of the current financial situation of the company at this particular point in time. Thus created journals should be autoreversed the next day since a transaction such as a payment or credit relating to the current open document may come in at that day, creating a journal in local, system & possibly foreign currency.

The exchange rate differences are excuted to adjust the local currency in open foreign currency transactions according to the current rate, conversion differences are executed to adjust the system currency, hence there is no entry in the local currency debit/credit. The reconciliation currency in B1 is either local currency (local or multicurrency business partners) or foreign currency.Please keep in mind that the system currency should be used for balance sheet reporting purposes only.

Bank reconciliation is meant to enter & reconcile transactions in B1 to match the actual, real life transactions on the bank account. You may do this using the SAP add-on Payment engine - Cash & bank (please check the add-on PAM to see whether this is available for the localisation you are using) or 'manual reconciliation' functionality in 2005, where you enter the GL account number in B1 for the actual bank account & then manually enter the bank statement data.

All the best,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Muhammed Rashid,

If I understood you correctly:

There is the functionality 'Automatic Reconciliation' which we can use to print bank reconciliation report.

1 - Select 'Reconciliation Tool' - a window call 'Reconciliation -

Selection Criteria' opens.

2 - Select the by 'G/L Account' or 'BP'.

3 - Select the 'Accounts' and 'Date'

4 - Select the option 'External' is 'General/Manual Tab'.

5 - Press push button 'Reconcile' - a window call 'External

Reconciliation' opens

On the bottom of the window you have the option 'Print Settings'.

to print the required results

As for the bank reconciliation process, please check the help file.


Van Xue

SAP Business One Forums Team