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Bank reconcilation

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Hi All,

Please anyone emplain me the proccess of bank reconcilation works.

1. Why in bank account determination we will give +++++++++++++ what is that concept how it works?

How the automatic posting done in Bank accounting.

How the vendor paymen file goes to Bank and how they will consider the file has pay to particular vendor?

And how the reconcilation happens.

Could any one please give the detailes explanation of the bank reconcilation.

Answers would be appreciated.



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Thanks to all..

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Hi Expert,

In Electronic BRS or Manual BRS, initially we create the following steps:

1. Create Account Symbols

Here we create the Account Symbols, which are used in Step-2

2. Assign Accounts to Account Symbols

Here we will use +++++++++++++ which is a masking (GL accounts Numbers will be different so we provide +++++++ which can consider any GL Number (i.e., Main Bank Account, Sub-Accounts and Bank Charges) which will get updated when we does reconciliation)

3. Create Keys for Posting Rules

Here we create a posting rules, which are used in Step-4

4. Define Posting Rules

Here we provide which should be credited and which should be debited by reconciliation.

5. Create and Assign Business Transactions(Manual BRS)

Here we assign Posting Rule to the transaction

6. Define Variants for Manual Bank Statement(Manual BRS)

Here we create the variants, which will make the fields what to be appeared at the time reconciliation.

7. Create Transaction Type(Electronic BRS)

Here we just create the Transaction Type, which are used in Step-8.

8. Assign External Transaction Types to Posting Rules

Assign the Posting Rules to the External Transaction Types with respect to the Transaction Type and Algorithm and Processing Type.

9. Assign Bank Accounts to Transaction Types(Electronic BRS)

Assign the Bank Accounts like Bank Keys to the Transaction Types, which will be update the Main Bank, sub-accounts with respect to the House Bank Keys at the time of Reconciliation.




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When you give the plus mark +++++++ in the account determination, it will be applicable for all the accounts.

1. GL Accounts would be mapping in FBZP settings, this will automatcially pick up after payment posting through F110, F-58, F-53

2. If you have the IDOC process implemented, one IDOC document will get generated and sent to Bank for Vendor payments automatically.

3. If your bank is receiving the payments from Customer for your sold goods, you will receive a file from BANK either in BAI1 or BAI2 format and you can upload it in FF_5.

Try this in DEV or QAS


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