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bank reco issue

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Dear all,

As it is bank reco related configuration as perfect. when i posted bank statement in transaction code :ff67 are pefectly without error posted.

But when i run sm35 through bacth input session that time system giving the error :

" The difference is to large for clearing "

Massage No : F5263

Procedure :

You can charge off difference manually using the function " Clear Differences " u define the upper limites for automatically clearing differences in the tolerance groupassign to the user.

Change tolerance group for user.

So what i do .

Thanks in advance .


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Answers (1)

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Hi Milind,

Check if you have maintained the tolerances and the GLs for the clearing differences.

T code OBA0

T code OB57

T code OBXZ



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Dear mike,

If i check oba0 : for there

Company code : bp01

Tolerance group : (Blank)

Tolerance Name: Tolerance group for g/l bp01

In t code : ob57

User Name : Blank

Tolerance group : blank

In t code :obxz

No assignment g/l a/c thr

If what u suggest if above 3 T.code if Configuration is correct or Not ...

Reply Me .