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Bank key need to be selected for the invoice

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Hello Experts,

Need your help.

Issue is- Vendor- xxxx of US region, has been extended to both US and CN (China)

Vendor Bank details has both ACH bank key & Wire Payment bank key (Common for both Now when invoice is for US Co.code , bank key with ACH Payment method needs to be selected in the invoice and if the invoice is for CN Co.code , Wire Payment bank key needs to be selected.

How to do the same?? Is there any standard solution available??

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Hi Mainak,

In FBZP, Pmnt Methods in company code, on the payment method, you have foreign payments/foreign currency payments.

If you pay the vendor only in the currency of the country, uncheck Cust/Vendor bank abroad. the Bank Partner Type could be the same for both Vendor banks accounts.

Kind Regards

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thanks for the reply. I will check the same and confirm you on the same.