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Bank Infotype Subtype Not appearing in ESS

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Hello all, I am working with a client who allows employees to create/maintain up to 3 bank accounts. Our PA person has set up the following:

Infotype 0009 with Subtype 0 as the MAIN bank

Infotype 0009 with Subtype 1 as OTHER bank (can specify % or $ amount)

Infotype 0009 with Subtype 91 as SECONDARY bank.

Everything appears to be set up properly in V_T7XSSPERSUBTYP as follows:

10 -> 0009 -> 0 -> B1

10 -> 0009 -> 1 -> B3

10 -> 0009 -> 91 --> B3

The PROBLEM is this: when viewing the bank information on ESS, the SECONDARY bank does not allow the user to specify % or $ amount. Our PA person created subtype 91 by copying subtype 1, and she sees the $ or % field in the bank end, but it is not appearing in ESS.

Any clues?



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The reason is prety startight forward. These fields are been enabled via web dynpro coding for subtype '1'.

Just in if condition for subtype 1 in the web dynpro coding also include subtype 91

by adding a or condition.. I do not remember the exact view name but it is pretty easy to find the view name and the exact place where you need to do this by looking at the De velopment compnent in NWDS