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Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 000 not filled in COPA Assessment (KEU5)

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Hi All

Your support is required

. I am getting following error while executing COPA Assessment (KEU5). We are using account based COPA.

Process Details:

  • Expense posted to cost center via fb60 (Document splitting working fine)
  • Profit center has already been assigned to Cost center and Material.
  • In KEU1, Assessment cycle created. Receiver is Material (Product).
  • While executing KEU5 following error is received. Screenshots of document Splitting are attached for reference.

Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 000 not filled

Message no. GLT2201


The field Profit Center marked as balancing is not filled with any value in line item 000, even after document splitting.

System Response

The document cannot be posted.


First check your entries.

Additional causes could be:

  • No value can be derived for this field from the current document data.
  • You have entered a document type that is not designed for this business purpose.

Procedure for System Administration


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Dear Customer,

Please refer to FAQ KBA 2221237 Q&A 13 for more information about this topic.

Best regards,
Gabor Rozman

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rozman , Thanks a lot for help.

Best Regards

Fahad Mirza