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Balancing Field Business Area in Line 001 Not Filled

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In SAP Concur, we get this error message: Balancing Field "Business Area" in line item 001 not filled. Is this error in Concur or in SAP? What needs to be updated / checked in order to be able to post the expense report. No knowlege of SAP sits within the Concur Admin team so please use laymen's terms. Thank you .

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Hi Daniel,

I have seen this error in the past and I think it is an SAP error and not Concur. Without seeing any screen shots, my educated guess is this error is returned when the Concur ER is posted to ECC. If that is true, then please refer to this link to locate your answer -

The link talks about profit center but I believe you can use the same strategy to fix business area. Please try and if it does not work for you, please revert to this thread with screen shots and steps, as Jerry suggests, and either myself or someone from the community should be able to help better.

Thank you.