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Balance Interest Calculation

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Hello Friends,

I want to understand forllowing things with respect to Balance Interest Calculation:

1. The logic SAP uses for calculate balance interest calculation.

2. Significance of dates in Interest Run.

3. Error: In My case system is showing the interest rate however it is not calculating interest on the balance amount.

Please Guide.


Rahul Kulkarni

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear R18,

You're using the transaction F.52 to calculate balance interest or Interest scale, therefore interest is calculated on the balance and from one due date to the next due date.

Report RFSZIS00 has to be linked to an S indicator type (Balance interest calculation) and this interest indicator has to be linked to the relevant G/L Account.

Then You have to do the following steps:

IMG --> Specify General Terms

here check if the flag is switch on:

No interest payment

Option so that no interest settlement is created if an interest payment is produced.

IMG --> Specify Time-Based Terms

IMG --> Define Name for Reference Interest Rates

IMG --> Maintain Posting Specs/Account Determination for Int. Calc.

Then run f.52 inserting the relevant date as chart of account, g/l account, company code, interest calculation indicator, calculation period.

I hope this can help.


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Thanks for the valuable reply. My Problem is solved.

In interest indicator there was a tick on No Interest Payment.

Now the Programme is running fine.

Closing the thread.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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This document I have read, but that does not talk about logic for Balance interest calculation.

In my case System is not calculating interest on balance however it is appearing in F.52 Run.

Dateails about the document are:

Posting Date 01.04.2011

Value 01.04.2011

Amount INR 50,000.

In F.52 I am giving calculation period as 01.04.2011 to 30.04.2011. System is showing me balance of INR 50,000 days as 30 and rate as 10%

But Interest amount as "0".

is there any problem with the date selection?