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Balance in Transaction currency WHILE DOING J1IIN

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ERROR: Balance in Transaction Currency F5702

We are getting this error in J1IIN transaction Code.

In Billing Document VF01 we are getting the value for ED,Ecess and S High Edcess and also in J1IIN. If I save the document in j1iin we are getting the above ERROR

Note: If we make the billing without S High Edcess document is getting posted. We found there is a Problem in secondary Education S E cess only.

Is there any possibility to solve this issue?

There is some mismatch in credit and debit Gl acc so the value is not getting balanced

Kindly reply.

Any SAP note should Apply.

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Dear Mangesh,

Did you check the forum before posting this issue?

I think this issue has been discussed many times.

Please search and then revert back if those earlier posts are not helping you.

*Thanks & Regards,+

Hegal K Charles

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we search all forum posts, but still facing problem...

its is related to any SAP note apply? so for CIN-India which notes should be apply?

kindly revert.

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Hey ,

What is the amount for which you are getting this error? Is it BED, ECS or SECESS?

> For excise transaction type GRPO, DIEX, CAPE, EWPO

maintain DR Debit RG23BED

DR Debit RG23ECS

DR Debit RG23At1

> For excise transaction type DLFC, MRDY, OTHR, MRDD, MRWO

maintain CR Credit Rg23BED

CR Credit RG23ECS

CR Credit RG23At1


CR Credit PLAAt1


SPRO > Logistics general > tax on goods movement > India > basic settings > Account determination > Specify excise accounts per

excise transaction

Maintain the appropriate G/L account in the respective columns aftermaking the above changes. Check the balances in those G/L accounts.

SPRO > Logistics general > tax on goods movement > India > basic settings > Account determination > Specify G/L accounts per

excise transaction



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Check whether the following note is applied

Note 867529 - Error 8I 076 while creating excise invoice in J1IIN

G. Lakshmipathi