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Balance confirmation letter dunning process should triggered from SAP

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Hi Knowledge ,

We have current requirement .

Need to generate balance confirmation letter in dunning process .

F.17 is for Customer balance confirmation .

How to take Balance confirmation letter dunning process.



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Answers (4)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Murali

Dunning and balance confirmation are two seperate processes, dunning being collection notice and Balance confirmation more being a year end or period end statement of accounts for your customers. Ideally they should be seperate. However, if you still need Balance confirmation or customer line items in your dunning output as well, you can always define your own form with the desired output and assign the same in Dunning Procedure and take an output as per your business requirement.

Thanks & regards

Sanil Bhandari

Active Contributor
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There are several BTEs for dunning process (trx FIBF). Ask an Abaper to implement specific logic to trigger confirmation letter during dunning run.

Active Contributor
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Hi Murali

In the standard SAP it does not work like that. You have 2 options

1) Schedule both the transactions in background at the same time

2) Execute Dunning ONLY and in the Dunning Form, you can ask ABAP to populate the details similar to balance confirmation.

If you want to send only one from to the Customer, Choose Option 2

Ajay M

Active Contributor
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Hi Murali,

Assign the form under dunning texts in the dunning procedure. Then it will trigger when you run dunning.