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Balance Carry Forward on Balance Sheet Accounts marked as Cost Elements

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When the Balance Carry forward is run, and there are cost elements on the Balance Sheet,

Does the Balance Sheet on the Carryforward to the new year retain the cost element assignments from the prior year?

Since the BCF is on the GL only , I am assuming that the balance sheet cost element assignments are lost and do not affect the calculation .



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Hi Jeffrey,

I am not sure what you are mentioned the cost element is "B/L account" or a "P/L" account, Normally

if it is a cost element, then this G/L account should be a P/L account.

If it is a P/L account, when you run BCF PRG with flag of balance retained earng.acct, then systm

will carryforward the balance of this P/L account to transaction "BIL" account. and no balance is carryforwarded from end of prior year to the beginning of next year.

In case it is a B/L account, then the balance will be carryforwarded into next year.

With Best Regards,

Gladys Xing