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BAdI for Selection : delete a customer : in which tables ?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear All,

Scenario : Data Migration : SAP ERP 6.0 --> S/4HANA
Approach : Direct Transfer
Migration Object : Customer

I'm implementing the "BAdI for Selection" concept, in order to apply a complex filter logic on Customers.

Purpose is to apply a filter on Customers.

In which tables do I need to filter in the code of the method IF_CNV_OR_OBT_PRESEL_BADI~PROCESS_DATA ?

Is it sufficient to filter in the table KNA1, or do I have to filter in all the tables of the migration object "Customer" (ADRC, ADR2, ADR3, ...KNAS, KNAT, KNVI, ...)

Many thanks



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I think you're currently watching transaction 'LTMOM' and use filter in table mappings, right?

There is a option to choose / not to choose it affects downward tables, or just this tables - As far I know of, standard project which are created from Fiori, 'Migrate Data', have settings of 'downward tables' - so if top tables are filltered and not selected, downward tables don't have any data about upward data.

I'm no expert for SD module, so I don't know quite well of KNA1, or Customer master tables - but If KNA1 is topmost table, you should check the option about it affects downward tables in LTMOM. and If it checked? you don't have to filter whole tables because of topmost table, in this case, KNA1, don't have data which are not filtered so it can't select data for downward tables.

If, somewhat reason, can't be filtered by table filtering - you should enhance the code which are processing in ABAP side - in Customer - but beware, it's like modifying standard code, so you should think twice before what you're doing it.