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Background Jobs

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Hi all,

We get some issues like, "the jobs have been aborted/failed/cancelled".

We have to investigate on this, and tell the reason and if possible give the solution for these issues.

I know only one Transaction to see the Jobs i.e, SM37.

in Sm37 i can see the steps, job logs, job details. But how to see the reason for failure?

and how to see, how many days the job has been executed fine? and also how to give solution for the failure of Jobs?



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SM37 is usually where you find the reason for the job cancellation, specifically in the job log.

You will also find supporting information in the system log, which you can access using SM21. Run it for the period when the job failed and there may be some log entries there which will give you an idea as to reason why it failed. This log however keeps getting truncated as its size is limited, so you will get, say logs only for the previous 2 days; this period will depend on the activity level in your system.

There may also be a short dump (not always) which may be associated with the job termination, which you can view in ST22.

You will need to eliminate the reason you identify from your analysis to run the job successfully.

To see how the job has run previously, you need to input the job name and period you need in the selection screen of SM37. Many jobs terminate purely for system reasons, like, the system may not have the resources to run the job or the selection of the job is so large that the system runs out of space. Some of these reasons, if you job has run succesfully earlier with similar selections, mean only that the job needs to be re-run.


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Hi Neeraj ,

Thank you for reply.

let me take you into a one issue.

the following is the issue faced by the customer: hslsiph1_PH1_38: JobAbort: Aborted R/3-Batch Jobsfound (1 <= 2 <= 100) (default)

Start-Date/Time End-Date/Time Delay Jobname User C Mnd

02.07.2008 08:12:14 02.07.2008 08:12:14 0 F110-20080702-RU11 SIMONS01 C 700 JOBLGX08121400X91913

I gave the job name in SM21:

but i amnot able to make out anything form the information displayed in Sm21.

This is the following information has displayed:


Number of records read......... 0000003776

Number of records selected..... 0000000000

Recent records skipped......... 0000003776

Further selection:

Number of records read......... 0000000000

Number of records selected..... 0000000000

Number of records printed...... 0000000000

System log file empty