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background jobs

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i want to know the scenario's when the background jobs get cancelled?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use t-code SM37 go to the job overview which was cancelled, select it you want to know the scenario and then find the menu>Goto>Job log, I think you will find the reason!

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Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Thanks all

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In SM37 is the Tcode where you can monitor the backgroung jobs.

Through this transaction you will come to know the state of the background job whether it's released, finished, cancelled and scheduled for some future date.

You need to give the username, date range and jobname or report name to check whether such job exist or not. You will get the screen where status of the job will appear. Also you can check the log of the job to verify that the job run successfully i mean to get the detail analysis.

Hope this helps!!

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Esha Rajpal

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The most common reasons for cancellation of background jobs you will find "Job has exceeded

its latest start date" . In this case you can directly change the "No start after" date/time in SM37

This happens to be very common problem.



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there can be lot many seniories in which background jobs get cancelled

few of them are :

1> password expired

2> job logs full

3> some jobs get cancelled with ABAP dump , ,

4> Job Was Not Started .

5> Job Is Terminated

6> Job Log Cannot be Displayed

7> Job Remains in Status u201CActiveu201D

for exact error you have to check the job logs as mentioned earlier

Problems in SAP background processing can be classified as follows:

> Configuration problems

> Administration problems

> Runtime problems

Hope this might help you in understanding background job processing in SAP

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