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Backflush Error

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I am trying to execute transaction MFBF and I am getting the following error u201CYou have not yet defined parallel processing type of backflushing processu201D

Please get back to meu2026

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please do customizing setting for Repetative Mfg in Tcode OPKF

Refer following

Before you can separate the individual backflushing processes, you must have defined the server/work processes (sessions) which are to be used to process the backflushing processes to be carried out later. You can define exactly one logon group or a server and a number of work processes for every processing time. The system processes the data as a parallel processing procedure if you enter a group of servers and/or a number of work processes greater than 1.

You define the following for the parallel processing procedure:


You define the servers/sessions the system is to use for processing per processing time (only for the times, immediately in the update program and later in the background).

Number of work processes

In this field, you enter the number of work processes (sessions) per server.

If you leave this field blank, there is no restriction on the number of work processes.

Logon group/server

In this field, you specify the logon group the system is to use to carry out parallel processing for the collective backflush.

The system finds the servers defined in the logon group to carry out processing and the defined number of work processes.

If you leave this field blank, the system distributes the processes on all servers available.

maximum number of items per material document

In this field, you define from which number of BOM items the system is to create a new document for backflushing the components. You must make this entry as if you have larger numbers of items, the system may not be able to post the accounting document.


If you make no entries in this table, you cannot carry out the report for completing the backflushing processes.




Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Please check the backflushing options in the REM profile OPS2. And also check whether you have activated the check box "rem allowed" in the MRP4 view for this header part.


You have option for backflush are as,


Same thread please check,