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Back flushing not happening

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I have activated backflush in routing but when i am confirming the order goods movement screen is blank so i went to co02 and saw the BOM here backflush is not activted so i checked the backflush box and saved the order and again when i went to confirmation goods movement screen is availble with 261 movement.

here why the back flush is not happening even when i marked the backflush indicator in routing. it has happened for almost 20 production orders and it got stopped suddenly. But still the back flush is in active mode in routing.

so every time i am going to co02 and ticking the backflush in component overview.

I am using alternative BOM 2 is it effecting anywhere.


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Backflush is used for material which are a must and having fixed relationship.

This can be configured in

MRP2 Screen,

Work center,

Routing and

production order.

If you configure this in routing or production order you have no need to activate this in MRP2 or Work center screen.

MRP2 Screen defines whether material components are always backflushed or work center to decide whether to backflush or mot.

If you want to always backflush your material then in MRP2 view choose 1 so that each time while confirmation it will backflush the material.

Yes, alternate 2 BOM is affecting.


Alok Tiwari

Edited by: Alok Kumar Tiwari on Feb 13, 2012 11:30 AM

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So if i activate always backflush in mrp 2 will it effect any other part or it will be just backflushed and 261 will happen at the time of confirmation.

shall i have to mention in the material master of my finished product as alternative BOM is 2 . but how will it effect because my alternative bom 2 and 1 are having same settings even backflush is activated in both the BOM's with same BOm components , same base quantities same opertions.even it is effecting both the BOMs are same.

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I have already activated backflush in routing but its nor showing in production order components neither in confirmation of order- goods movement screen .

It has worked for amost 35 production orders all of a sudden it stopped working.

What might be the reason and how can i solve this.