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B1TCH Program for Removing BOMs

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Is there a way to remove Sales BOMs using the B1TCH program?

I can remove items with remove(ITEM,itemcode) is there an equivalent for BOMs?


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Answers (2)

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Hi Michael,

Did you have any success with this? I have tried using the PRODUCTTREES object, but B1TCH outputs that it is not defined.


Kind regards,

Simon Carolin

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Hello Michael,

Please read about this tool from the link below


When you read the section on DELETING STUFF, there is a mention about Objects.



remove(BUSINESSPARTNER, cardcode)

It also mentions the following

Naturally, any of the above samples could just as well have been done for any DI API object types (BusinessPartners, Quotation documents etc). Simply replace the value of the objecttype parameter with the one you need. of the box (as long as the objecttype in question has the Remove() method in DI API).

I think using the Object ProductTrees you should be able to delete BOMs


ProductTrees is a business object that represents a completed product made up of parts and raw materials, which is described by means of a bill of materials. This object is part of the Inventory and Production module.


ProductTrees_Lines is a child object of the ProductTrees object and it represents the line entries of each product tree.