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B1if db unexplained growth

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New install of SAP 8.81.

4 companies installed: SBODemoUS, a renamed copy of SBODemoUS for report building, new company to hold live data with hardly anything in it, copy of same for testing. Only two active users, me in the reports db and client adding setup data to live system.

B1if grows at over a gig a day.

What could it be doing?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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B1if could store log messages, check your logs.

also, check this thread:

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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TRY following procedure

1)Monitoring->B1 Event Monitor->Switch the log off. Now press delete all button. To clear all the logs.

It is recommended that the B1 Event Monitor is turned on only when debugging& analyzing specific issues. During normal usage, you should switch the B1 Event Monitor off:

2)Maintenance->Cfg Msglog->Click on Manual Delete and provide the appropriate input and press Delete.

3)B1if is handling the message log deletion automatically on the daily bases (B1if -> Maintenance -> Cfg MsgLog -> Daily deletion button). By default it#s set to 23.00. It means the server needs to be up at this time. This value can be set according the customer#s requirement and here you can find more option regarding the message log settings as well. (Kindly check whether Backup buffer(days) is set to 0, if yes check by changing it to 1)

4)Schedule an immediate Transaction-Log Garbage Collect (B1if #> Control Center #> Maintenance #> Schedule TLog GC #> Submit)

5)Open Integration Framework->Control Center->Maintenance->tlog delete->Select the Execution status as "Completed"->submit. Wait for the process to complete.

6)Now restart the Integration service.

The above steps should keep the database size in check.
(B1if -> Maintenance -> Cfg MsgLog -> Daily deletion button) can be used to schedule the message log deletion.


check note:

1873607 - B1iF_Integration framework database is growing fast


Refer to SAP Note 1873559

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Hi Cindy,

You need to change the recovery model of B1i database from full to simple and set autoshrink for this database also.