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AW01N - Wrong planned depreciation after a certain period

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Good afternoon,

We are facing a strange issue in the calculation of the planned depreciation.

With a strait line depreciation key, the amount are correctly calculated until July and then the amounts follow a very strange rule. Please see he example below :

It is the first time I encountered such a situation in the asset explorer. I looked in the depreciation key, in the method of acquisition (transfer, acquisition etc.), the amount, the date of creation etc.

What I can say is that :

· - Until July, the amounts calculated and planned are correct.

· - As from August, the system calculated the amounts like this : for each month it depreciates the amount of “normal” monthly depreciation from the start of depreciation + 2 months. Example with an asset depreciation start date in May : in august the were 3 months depreciated, so in august it depreciated 5 months. Then in September there were 5 months depreciated, than it plan to depreciate 7 months etc…

· - It happens only for asset created in 2022. No previous asset is concerned

· - The depreciation method is always the same : so for the asset created in 2021 with this depreciation key, the amount in 2022 for all the 2022 year are corrects

I tried with the simulation report (S_ALR_87012936) and this does not show the same situation :

Here you can see that the simulation for the depreciation of the asset 1002778 is the same for each month and the amounts are not the one shown in the Asset explorer.

As the depreciation run for July was not launched yet, I cannot simulate the August month with depreciation run to see really what the system intends to post.

Do you have any idea where this issue could come from ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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Can you again check the Dep key in the Asset (AS03).

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Hello Céline,

We are facing the same problem with one of our clients. If it's possible to share with us the SAP Note or the solution to your system ?

Thank you !