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avl check

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hai gurus,

can any one tell me how the system pickup checking rule for a particular checking group.

if i see in the standard sys one checking group is assigned to N no of checking rules.then my question is how the system will pick up the checking rule for a particular checking group.

example if the material X is assigned to a checking group 01 then the corresponding checking rule it has to pickup in order to calculate ATP quantities with the checking group 01.Then if i see in the system the checking group 01 is assigned to checking rules 01,03,A,AE,AQ,AV,AW,B,BE etc.......

so now if a material is assigned to a checking group 01 which of these checking rules system will pick up to calculate ATP.and what is the criteria.

full points will be rewarded if the answer is straight and explained with and example.

thanks in advance,


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Hi Bala,

Initially when you enter the material in the sales order, the system will check whether the availability check is needed for this material based on the item category of the material. If the item category demands the availability check, then the system will do an availability check and confirms the ATP quantities.