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Avg Cost in XL reporter

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We want to display average cost out to three decimal places in XL reporter.

When I view average cost in the report composer window, I only see two decimal places.

we are using XLR patch 29 for 2005 sp 1.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Do you have 3 decimals set in Business One for Average Cost? I believe that XLReporter would look at the same field in B1 with the same decimal limitations, so if in B1 the Average Cost was 2 decimals, it'd be 2 decimals in XLR.

If you do have 3 decimals in B1 and XLR only shows 2 decimals, respond and I'll see look into it further.

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Dear Brad,

I saw your answer to John's question and found out that we have the same response of the XL reporter to the average price field.

I've created an xl report Stock Value with items from the Inventory tab, sorted by Iitem group.

The only colomns I have, are: itemcode, item description, onhand, avgprice and stock value.

As the stock value sometimes has different values, I want to caluculate a new stock value by the avprice and the onhand stock.

The number of decimals in our SAP B1 system for the average price field is 4 decimals.

The result in the XL Composer and Designer is 2 decimals.

SAP has a note, 896207, where you can change the number of decimals in the regedit, however this means that all the fields with figures in the Report Organizer will be affected and that's not what we want.

Also, we are running 7 company's at SAP B1 and all figures in the XL reporter will be affected by this.

Can you please advise me how I can get 4 decimals instead of 2.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Carl verhagen

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear John,

In order to try to resolve the issue, please do the following steps :

1. Go to Start->Run in Windows and enter "Regedit".

2. Go to HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\iLytix\XLReporter\Settings and add

new string value (Right-click and choose New->String Value) and enter


3. Press Enter and double-click to enter the number of decimals as per your requirement.

Note: This will only affect figures in the Report Designer, and not

Report Composer.

Please refer to the note : 896207 before applying the above



Rakesh Pati

SAP Business One Forum Team

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I have this same problem and I have tried what you suggested, but I don't have that path in my registry. Any thoughts? I can't even find the iLytix folder.