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can any one pl. explain availability check in MRP, Production Order and demand managemnt, i hv checked it in HELP LIBRARY, but the concept is not clear as in all three section i.e MRP, Prod. Order and demand management this concept is gvn but it is not

able to clarify



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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<b>Availability Check</b>

<b>for production order</b>

In this section, you make the settings which are important for checking the availability of material components in a production order.

To carry out a material availability check you need a checking group and a checking rule.

You allocate the checking group to the individual material in the material master. You specify the checking rule for each application. Together, the checking group and checking rule determine the scope of the check.

you have to create the flw


Define Checking Rule

Define Scope of Check -


Define Checking Control -


Define Checking Rule for Backorder Processing

<b>FOR THE MRP</b>

<b>Define Availability Check for Components</b>

In this step, you control the availability check for requirements planning by defining the checking group and the checking rule at plant level or per MRP group.

The availability check can be carried out in MRP for the depedendent requirements. This means that the availability check can directly check whether sufficient material is available for the production of the assembly. The availability check is initiated from planned order processing. It is not carried out automatically in the planning run for each requirement of an assembly.

In the checking group, several checking rules are grouped together. Therefore, you can define different checking rules for different business application areas (sales and distribution, MRP, production orders, inventory management) or for different business operations. If you require different checking rules for different business operations, you can create several checking groupes with the appropriate checking rules or you can assign another checking rule using the MRP group. The checking group is assigned to the material in the material master record, MRP 2 screen, in field "Availability check".

The combination of the checking group and the checking rule determines the scope of the availability check. That is, which stocks, requirement elements and receipt elements are to be included in the availability check. Moreover, per combination, you define whether the system is to carry out the check with or without the replenishment lead time:

In the check with the replenishment lead time:

Here, the availability check is carried out within the replenishment lead time. Requirements that lie outside the replenishment lead time are automatically considered available by the system.

In the check without the replenishment lead time:

Here, the system checks the complete time axis for availablity. This means that requirements

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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1: Availability is carried out by system while order creation & release

2: After creation of production order system will copy routing data & BOM data.

here will can change as per requirement of order at that time. Means u can change components,Qty etc, also u can add or delete any operation.Where there will not any changes to master data.

3: Demand management means how the demand to production department of FG.

Here we have select strategy as per business of company. Few are 10,20,40,50 etc.

To clear the concept read HELP carefully & same time do it on system.



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Dear Mr.Rajsingh,

2 days back the same question was posted by a different person (Mr.Anil Pawar),kindly check the

answers given the experts.

The thread 's heading is what is availability check?

Check this link




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Dear Mr. Mangal

i hv read tht but not able to get it can u pl. explain,

also the sol. gvn by u regarding activity type has not solved my problem

thanks and regards