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availability check in VL10B

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when I create a STO, and I enter a quantity, the system carries out availability check. and suppose there is no stock.

now when I get stock of the material in the system, and then execute VL10B, still it doesn't create a delivery.

But when I change the PO quantity and save the PO and then again execute VL10B, system creates the delivery document.

So I have concluded that availability check is not carried out by the system in VL10B.

So can anyone tell me how to carry out availability check in VL10B?

please help soon. Will reward points for helpful answer.



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I thought the participants in this forum are real experts in MM. But till now I haven't got any reply from anyone of you.......

Can none of you answer my question?

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Hello Tpk,

As a suggestion, you might want to try the following: When VL10B shows that there is not stock available, double check it in a second session with CO09 with the correct 'availability check' and 'checking rule' parameters.

May be, you have stock (as you can see in MMBE), but this stock is not available to be used since it might be already booked in reservations (for example).

So, please, check with CO09 whether you have stock available and then run VL10B.

Are the results of the two transactions consistent?

I hope this helps,


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hello Esther,

Thanks for the reply.

My problem is that it is not checking availabilty at VL10B.

I only want to know how to configure the system so that it checks availability in VL10B.

will surely reward points for helpful answer.