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Availability check for LE stock

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Hi all

We have now implemented the LE warehousemanagement (not EWM) in our company. Now we have the following situation.

Goods be booked with GI 202 in MIGO. After that we directly create transfer order for the WM. Now we have a stock for putaway but the material ist not awailable in WM stock (because transfer order is not confirmed yet).

Because we allready booked the goods receipt in MIGO the material is available in IM stock.

If we create a sales order or a goods issue (GI 201) in MIGO then SAP don't check the available stock in warehousemanagement an confirmed the position.

Is there a possibility to set the availability check for LE stocks?

thanks for your help

Urs Meierhans

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the availability check is done at inventory managment level, not a WM level.

if you have 20 available in IM, then SAP has to assume that the 20 are available in WM too. That the a receipt is not yet putawy can only be a situation of a few minutes to a few hours. You can implement cross-docking, then you dont have to putaway the receipt first into a bin before it can be used.

But WM does not have its own availability. WM is only a sublevel of IM, specifically to manage stock in a warehouse, this does not really have anything to do with availabitlity.

if you want check that material for a 201 movement is avaialbe, then oyu have to customize availablity check on MM movements. SAP then does not even let you post the goods issue with 201 if the quantity is already allocated to a sales order or delivery.