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Avail check showing 12/31/9999 for E/52 materials

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Hello guys, 


In S/4 Hana, we have set up a Direct Production/Collective Order scenario where there is a parent material and then there are several layers of Sub assemblies which are all set up as Proc type E and Spec procurement 52. And then those subassemblies have purchased materials as components. 

When I run the availability check for the entire set of Production orders, all the purchased materials get a commitment date based on their lead times but all the E/52 materials get 12/31/9999 as the commitment date. This causes issues when we try to reschedule the entire set of Production order based on the latest material avail date using COHV because system throws a message saying it could not reschedule the production orders because it could not determine the overall date. 

I tried to change the OPJJ setting by checking and unchecking the box 'Without Replenishment Lead Time' but it is not making any difference in the Avail check of those E/52 materials. What else could be causing this issue. Please refer the attachment. 

The objective for us is to be able to reschedule the collective production orders using COHV based on the Material availability but it is not working because the dates 12/31/9999.

Thanks in advance. 

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This could be due to incorrect assignment of checking rule to the material.

Check the below steps and retest the scenario with new production orders.

Check the ‘Checking Group for Availability Check’ in the material masters MRP3 view for all E/52 materials and their related components. (Example checking group 02)

Check the checking rule assigned to checking group in scope of check-OPJJ, and it’s replenished lead time indicator whether its unchecked. (Example checking rule PP)

In define checking control- OPJK, check whether the same checking rule is assigned  with the plant ,order type and the business function.