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Automation in SAP Public Cloud 2402

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Hello SAP Experts,
Is automation possible in the SAP Public Cloud 2402?
If yes, I have a requirement to Automate the change in the material valuation class. It will include the following steps in sequence:
Step 1:
Reverse the open GR of the listed materials with the plant.
Step 2:
Delete the Open PO line items of the listed materials with the plant.
Step 3:
Clear the stock manually/inventory
Step 4:
Change the valuation class of listed materials with the plant.
Please let me know how can we achieve this.
Thanks in advance.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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To execute these steps you would have to develop a custom solution utilizing the whitelisted API's, Events available in the API.SAP.COM. As part of the solution, you can also consider creating iRPA BOT to perform the steps either utilizing the API's or capturing screen scrapping (only with Fiori APP, not GUI based screen).


Jai Srinivasan