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Automating FI period open

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Hi All,

I`m trying to automate FI period opening process and for this I`m doing testing in sandbox and current period is 06 and current year is 2016.

Below are the steps I have followed:

Step-1: Maintain table TVARVC:

Step-2: Execute abap program REPERIOD_OPEN and saving the variant by including below details:

Company code variant: XX(Company code for which this automation has to be performed).

From Fiscal Year: 2016

From Period(Time Frame 1):6

To Fiscal year: 2016

To period (Time Frame 1): 7

Account Type/Wildcard: +

Step-3: For each selected row I have assigned "Selection Variable" and Name of Variable:

Step-4: Define background job:

I have save it and selected Period value as Monthly and date"29.06.2016 and time: 10.30 PM.

But still period is not shifted from 6 to 7.

Please let me know where I`m missing?????



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Hi Nitu,

As Ankur said, your variable for To-period is RV_ACTUAL_MONTH which is pointing to P6.

You can not achieve this with out another set of variables for next period and also for next year when year switch over time.

If you want to completely automate, you also first need to automate of updating your variables accordingly. So that before you trigger period open/close job the TVARVC variables need to be updated accordingly.

For your test, you can try just giving the "To-period" as P7 and see if it works.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,