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automatically calculate PR00

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Hi experts,

Request: How to make PR00 automatically calculate based on EK02, KF00 & profit 10%?

PR00 = (EK02 + KF00) X (1 + 10%)

In pricing procedure, all the condition type works fine except PR00. It's said condition record missing.


EK02 $60

KF00 $10

Z001 (10%) $7 = (60+70) X 10%

(red light) PR00 none

ps. Supposing PR00 should read $77 = (60707).

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please try this:


10 EK02 $60 assign sub total for Ex": D. Mark the condition type statistical

20 KF00 $10 Assign sub total for Ex"E . Mark the condition type statistical

50 Z001 (10%) From 10 To 20 . Mark Statistical. Assign sub total say for Ex: F

(red light) PR00 none . have Alt calculation type formaul ( sub total D + E + F)

If Z001 is fixed as 10 % , then you need not even have the condition type Z001. Rather you can include this logic in teh Alt Calculation type formual itself. If Z001 is a moving target , then you follow the above steps. You will be creating the condition record for Z001 with the required percentage.

Hope this helps



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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When PR00 is determined in a pricing procedure, the system will also check the

supplementary pricing procedure and pick up the discounts defined there. the order

has picked up all the conditions we had maintained along with PR00. The pricing

analysis too explains the fact that these conditions (such as RB00) are in fact

condition supplements

This pricing procedure lists the supplementary condition types (RA00, RB00) that

you want to apply along with PR00.

To maintain the condition records for PR00 and the condition supplement,

use VK11

Suppose you want to apply discounts RB00 and RA00 every time you use the pricing

condition PR00. First, when you define the condition type PR00 (in V/06), you

specify the condition supplement pricing procedure PR0000 on the Master Data tab

If the sales-order line happens to be a free item, such as item category TANN,

then SAP will not access PR00 for such line items.

Rules for a condition exclusion

Choose favorable condition between condition types (options A and L)

Within a group, select the most favorable condition type within the group. Choose

option A if you need the best value or option L for the least value. (If a group has

two condition types, PR00 and ZPR0 and if PR00 has value $100, and ZPR0 has

$200, you have to choose the most favorable. If the rule is A, ZPR0 will be retained.

If you opt for L, PR00 will be retained.)

Choose favorable condition within the condition type (options B and E)

Select the most favorable (specify either the best with option B or the least with

option E) condition record for a condition type, when more than one record has

been determined. (If PR00 has two records found, choose the better of the two.) The

access sequence should have its Exclusion indicator turned off so that it keeps on

reading all records.

Regards from Pakistan

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Make the same settings in the Pricing Procedure as mentioned below :-

Step Condition Type From To Value

10 EK02 60

20 KF00 10

30 Net Value 10 20 70

40 Z001 40 10%

50 Gross Value 40 50 77

Hope it may help you.

Best Regards,


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Hi there,

Define EK00, KF00 & Z001 before PR00 in your pricing procedure.

In PR00, Alternative calculation type, put the same formula. It works.