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Automatic TO creation and confirmation for a Material document

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Hi Dear All,

i am new to MM andWM.

I have to customization for auto transfer orders and confirmations for material documents what ever created with 101 movement type in Inventory Management. I have down configuration like below.

SPRO->Logistics Execution->Warehouse Management->Activities->Transfers-> Set Up Autom. TO Creation for TRs / Posting Change Notices

Double click on ‘control data ‘tab

Hear for my warehouse I given input like Auto TO = ‘1’,

AddId = ‘select check box’.

And in ‘Assign control’ tab for 101 movement type I have given input like below.

Automatic TO = ‘1’.

TO item can be confirmed immed. = ‘tick checkbox’

Propose Confirmation = ‘tick checkbox’.

Foreground/Backgrnd = ‘D’.

After creating of Material document I am executing report RLAUTA10 in SE38.When I execute this report system showing message like ‘TO processing finished: TR total: 17, TO created: 0, Errors: 17’.

If I check header details of transfer requirements in LB03, i am not seeing ‘Tick Mark’ in Auto TO Creation field.

Can any one tell me what the mistake i have down or if i need to do any further configuration. Please help me regarding this concern?

Thanks in Advance..

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Hi Meera

You also need corresponding entries for your warehouse and movement in

SPRO > Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Interfaces > Inventory management > Activate auto TO creation

Without these entries your initial config will not work



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Dear Steve,

Thanks a lot for giving reply with what I need to do, but I am unable to see result.

I have down configuration like below even though system not processing Auto TO creation. Can you explain me if I have down any mistake below.

Click on ‘Assign’ button,

Press on ‘New entries’

WhN = ‘900’

Reference Movement Type = ‘101’

Movement indicator = ‘B’

Movement type for Whse Mgmt = ‘101’

TR create Transfer Requirement = ‘X’

Immed.TO Creation

Mail confirmation for background processing = ‘01’.

GR date = ‘2’

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and also specified Immed.TO Creation filed = 'X'.

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