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Automatic profit center assingment for GL account

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We have business scenario like following:

we have two company codes.  Each company is having operations in different locations.

Eg; Company code 1000,  locations are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.

     Company code 2000 ,  locations are Hyderabad, Bhopal, Vizag and Mangalore.

Business needs Financial statements based on locations and company codes.

So I have defined each location is one profit center.

Now Company code 1000 is having profit center A (Mumbai), B (Delhi), C(Chennai) and D(Bangalore)

         Company code 2000 is having profit center W(Hyderabad), X(Bhopal), Y(Vizag) and Z(Mangalore)

Now Company code 1000, profit center A,  purchasing stationary for Company code 2000 and profit center W.

Assume this is direct FI invoice booking:   In FB60 I am booking entry like following:

Company code 1000


   Vendor account CR  10000

Company code : 2000

   Stationary Exp Dr    10000   Cost center  XYZ( Cost center XYZ contains profit center  W)

if you see total cross company entry

Inter Company clearing  Dr  1000  company code 1000  (Inter Company Clearing will derived base OBYA)

Vendor Account Cr 1000 company code 1000

stationary exp Dr 1000 company code 2000

Inter Company Clearing Cr 1000 Company code 2000 (Inter company clearing will be derived based obya)

Now my issue is I need to assign profit center  A in Company code 1000  for Inter company clearing account

we have option for assigning profit center in company code  with respect to GL account.

now how to assign multiple profit centers to single gl account in one company code.

Thanks and Regards

Krishna kumar

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As per your query two possible ways which i found out.

3KEH is t Code where you can assign GL wise Profit Center.

& While creating profit Center you will restrict to post respective company code.

As per OBYA setting system will automatically split based upon PC wise (provided New GL is activated).