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Automatic PO

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Hi All,

Under what scenarios we create Automatic PO?

We don't do G/R or I/R for Automatic PO?Why?

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Answers (2)

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An automatic po can be created once all of the requisites to do so are fulfilled.

So there must be a vendor assigned in the PR, the PR must be released (if applicable)

So, very good to use with MRP type requestions where the PR is generated based on demand in your system. Once the PR reaches the release date it will automatically convert to PO without any buyer intervention. As the PR is generated directly from system demand, it is the perfect situation. You need to have all master data in place. So vendor master, PIR, source list (if the source list is checked in the material master and quota arrangement if applicable) for user created free text PR the user must assign the vendor in the PR under the fixed vendor tab, once the PR is approved (if applicable) it can be created automatically into a PO. Using ME59N either manually executing the transaction or setting it up as a batch job.

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Automatic PO creation is nothing but creation of PO in back ground for the selected range of source assigned PRs.

You will you transaction me59n.

The prerequisites are - Atomatic PO indicator for material and vendor, inforecord maintenance with values for the mandatory fields for PO.

This is a part of optimizing purchasing process.

warm regards

sairam akundi