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Automatic picking of posting change delivery HTP

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We wanted to implement ARM. When we have follow-up activity as "Receive into plant" and Action "transfer to free available stock", delivery of type HTP gets created.

As per standard, if we want to create automatic TO for picking of this delivery type in case of WM managed plants, we need to configure WMTA output type.

But in our case WMTA is getting triggered after HTP delivery creation still, picking is not done and TO for picking is not created automatically.

But for other HOD delivery type, picking and TO creation is executed automatic after WMTA output is triggered.

Reason i feel is that storage type search is not getting performed in case of posting change delivery.

In our HTP delivery, 343 is posted at IM level and 309 at WM level.

Could you please let us know if storage type search is the issue here ? Also do we have any specific config for storage type search specific to posting change, because for outbound we have defined storage type search perfectly. It is not working only in the case of posting change deliveries.

Or is there some other reason for not getting delivery picked of type HTP ?

Any help is highly appreciated.


Vaibhav Gandhi.

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Hi, I know it's been a long time, but were you able to solve this?



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dear diego lewinski, I could not find a single discussion that you created yourself, you always added your questions to a question of someone else and in more than the half of them you did not get a reply.  I can already inform you that this time is soon over when all the old content gets frozen when SCN goes to the new platform.

But I also want to inform you that we have forum rules and especially the points 14 and 15 are adressing this issue:

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Thank you for the quick response, Juergen.

My apologies for miss understanding the rules. My interpretation regarding rule 14 in this case was that this was actually the same question I had instead of a new one, so I shouldn't open a new thread (again, my interpretation regarding rule 3).

Regarding rule 15, my interpretation as well as in other cases you mention, was that I wasn't reopening "...a question that has already been marked with a Correct Answer". 

Thanks for your advice.