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Automatic payment program -> error No permitted payment method exists

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Hi All,

I am doing the automatic payment run and done all the necessary config in FBZP.

1) Created the payment program at country level and assigned payment program

2) Created the payment method at company code level for check and assign the Check Form

3) Coming to Bank determination:

a) Ranking order : given the payment method(A -> Check) ,currency(MYR), ranking order (1) and assigned to house bank (CIMB)

b) Bank accounts : given house bank , payment method ,currency, account ID and clearing account number.

4) assigned the payment method (A) in vendor master.

when i run the payment run for the vendor in F110 for company code system hitting below errors:

> -

Payment method selection additional log----

> Payment method selection for items due now to the amount of MYR 112,909.38-

> Payment via payee/payer 0550000008

> Payment method "A" is being checked

> Payment with 28 print items, only 16 are allowed

> No permitted payment method exists

Information re. vendor 500000598 / paying company code 0546 ...

......payment not possible because of reported error

End of log

Job finished

please can any body help me on this. I done the same config in DEV and QAS. there working fine with out any issue. but coming to PRD its giving problem. i double confirm the config in DEV to pRD every thing fine and same.



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1. The vendor is having full address (no blanks in address fields)

2. If your payment method is Bank transfer, make sure vendor master is having account and bank details.

3. Check the vendor line items, whether they are restrict for particular payment method.



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I did check the 1) vendor address -> No gaps

2) My one is check printing not bank transfer

3) I did check all the vendor line items no payment blocks. user already unblock the relevent item to make payment.

Here weird thing is system hitting the same above mentioned error even I updated the payment method(C) and house bank (CIMB) in each and every line item of vendor invoice.



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Can you please remove house bank (CIMB) from all the line items and keep only Payment Method C.

Make sure you have payment C in vendor master. But, your log is showing Payment Method A. How come both are different. Try to add both payment methods A as well C in vendor master.



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Hi Sandhya,

We are also getting similar error for payment method "W"

Can you please confirm what was fix you did for your issue ?

Payment method selection for items due now to the amount of USD      939 044,88-      FZ           601

Payment method "W" is being checked                                                   FZ           603

Payment with 228 print items, only 98 are allowed                                     FZ           623

No permitted payment method exists                                                    FZ           608

nformation re. vendor 6015917 / paying company code XXXX ...                           FZ           305