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Automatic Payment Program (F110)

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Hi folks,

I had a question regarding tcode F110. I believe my payment run went through in the Sandbox because I got the following message below:

<i>Parameters have been entered

Payment proposal has been created

Payment run has been carried out

Posting orders: 1 generated, 1 completed</i>

However, my question/s are these: <b>How do I check to see if the vendor got paid? Do I simply do a FK10N and see if the balance is zero for the particular Vendor? Does the balance in my Bank account decrease? Can I check in the system to see if me bank balance decreased?</b> My main bank account and subaccounts don't show any outflows of money that is used to pay the vendor.

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi United,

go to Fbl1n for the respective vendor, select clearned items input the date on which F110 is run and execute.

All payment made to that vendor are displayed in the report.

Hope this helps.

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Alternatively u can check the BSEG table with the document number (Be careful to query BSEG as it holds huge data and search with doc #). Check to see if the clearing doc is available.

U can also check the table REGUP - for APP



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With the knowledge I have gathered in SAP,will try to resolve ur query

First after the payment run has been made, entries are passed for the

vendor A/c Dr

To Bank disbursement A/c

so the effect will be seen in the vendor line item display and the payment will be done.

The bank payment medium will create an advice and will send to the Banks via the interface.

The details will be received by the Bank and the amount will be transfered from our bank account to vendor bank account.

Our Bank will again send the file to SAP and the accouning entry will be

Bank Disbursement A/c

Main Bank A/c

So the setings for all above are in FBZP and in SPRO under electronic Bank statement node.

The reduced Bank balance is not seen in FBZP.It is only shows how much maximum the bank can have balance to have a clean payment run.

I think this will help you....