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Automatic Palletization doesnt run Automatically with BAPI/Function Module

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Hi there,

I have requirement to create pre-planned TO with BAPI/Function Module, i use BAPI/Function Module L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE, but when i use this i cant let the system suggest LE qty or palletize the quantity per pallet based on qty at material master WM view, they just adopt what we input in BAPI/Function Module, or we must divide the qty by custom logic in abap programming because we use custom transaction with BAPI/Function Module.

Is there any function module that can be used to do the create transfer order and do the palletization automatically?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Either you should do the calculation yourself, as you have already described, or first you can create a Transfer Requirement (manually or FM L_TR_CREATE), then create the transfer order with reference to TR (FM L_TO_CREATE_TR).


Osman N. Korca

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