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Automatic notification on defects recording

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I have observed that on defects recording system is automatically generating quality notifications with type F3 regardless of defect severity.

can you please advise, how i can limit notification creation based on defect class? I need notification creation only for major defects.

I have checked the defect class and all the defect classes are selected with option "No Next Function". even then notifications are generating on defects recording.

Please advise.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Automatic notification on defect recording is linked to Inspection type. In the Inspection type configuration, you define which notification type to trigger on defect recording for the inspection lot associated with the specific inspection type.

It dose not depends on the Defect class, therefore with Standard SAP limitation, it will not be possible to trigger the notification based of defect class.

What you may do, you may classify the notification using the subject code and prioritize them accordingly.


Neeraj Bhadauria

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I am looking for solution for below case.

for example i have 2 types of rejection ie. defect 1 and defect 2.

defect 1 is related to process for which reason and corrective action is not required

defect 2 is related to product quality for which our client needs to record corrective action and prevention action.

So how can i trigger Quality notification based on defect selection. if the defect is defect 2 then it should trigger quality notification. if the defect is defect 1 then it should not trigger any notification



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Hi Cristina,

Please note that as others already explained the existing config setup link between Inspection type & notification type is the key, because of which it's not possible. It will always create the notification, as soon as you enter any defects (be it Major or Minor defects). This is how standard SAP is designed to behave and I am sure there will be enough reasons for it.

You can think for a tweaking in your process - I think you still have a choice of creating a defect form your UD screen, instead of doing this at result recording level. Before saving the UD, you can record defect and save and so at this stage, you can introduce only 'major defect' and SAVE. Then for this case F3 will be created at the background and someone needs to process it in QM02. As you really can't avoid creating F3 form the other type of defect, you can refrain using it As-Is, but add it as 'text or information' during result recording. 

There are some good discussion threads on this subject which should help you -

Defect recording | SCN

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Thanks to all original contributors of the previous threads!!



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You can not record the defects anywhere other than the notifications. Hence creation of the notification is inevitable if you record the defects irrespective of its class. What limitations do you see with the present SAP's functionality? I believe you can still distinguish the defects in the report within the same notification type based on defect class. You can just simply filter on the defect class you want. The report would be ready for you! Thus a notification can contain defects of all the classes.

I would like to understand the purpose of the requirement in business terms!