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Automatic Language translations for user texts (PO,SO, FI) during postings

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Dear Team, 

As we know global implementations involve cultural and language issues, in a global environment (engaging multiple countries), the requirement is that in a specific country user will be entering texts in local language (say Spanish), but Head office is in English speaking territory. For review purposes or group level accounting postings or central shared services, HO team cannot understand the nature of entry (Line item texts of FI documents, or interpret Sales order texts) entered in the local language (spanish or non-english language). Is there any tool or solution of SAP that will work as Digital translator, and during any document save (PO,SO, accounting documents in particular), it should translate texts to english language also whenever someone logs in with EN language set, but at the same time, if someone logs in with SP (Spanish) language code, spanish text should be available (for the local users). How to manage this scenario?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Satyam,

When users view Enable Now content, such as Simulations, or SAP Companion content, such as message bubbles or guided tours, it's possible for the user to translate the content into their preferred language.  However, in your instance, you are not asking about the help content but the actual transaction details, such as a description of a line item.  Given this, this question is best posed on another forum because SAP Enable Now and SAP Companion do not have any control over transaction data.  I would try tagging the post with the tags for ERP and see if someone there can help.