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Automatic DIR creation when mailed with Subject

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Hi SAP Gurus,

We Have a requirement where an user sends a Mail with the subject line as the DIR No (particularly the Document folder No in EDMS) with some document files attached to it,

The requirement is, based on the mail sent the system should create a DIR in DMS with the attached files placed inside the DIR automatically with out any manual interventions.

So we can have a list of DIRs created under one folder in DMS.

Please Explain in detail like how this requirement could be met, if it is an development also throw some light on the methord to be followed.

There are some scanner interfaces available in the market but we are not sure to go for any third party integration for getting this single requirement fullfilled.

Points awaiting for usefull suggestions

Thanks and regards

Priya S

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Answers (2)

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Hope it requires a big development or a Interface

or the best is give employment for manual work also.

Thanks and regards

Priya S

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The TDMC(Technical Document Management Connectivity) offering allows a customer to connect to their SAP Document Management System (DMS) via MS Outlook. This is achieved using a MS Outlook Plug-in that was developed in C#, which you can modify at the customer's site to include customer-specific information. The second part of this offering is the usage of SAP Enterprise Services (ES), which are standard as of ERP 2005. This offering uses a specific ES called DocumentBulkCreate. The final part of this tool is the SAP DMS itself.

This tool enables the following:

- From MS Outlook, the user has a context menu option to work with SAP DMS.

- By selecting this option, the user is prompted to add additional information about the e-mail (for the

standard offering the user is prompted for the project number but this can be tailored to the customer

needs via the C# program).

- After confirmation, the tool then checks this e-mail into SAP DMS via the ES.

- This creates a new Document Info Record (DIR) in which:

1) Information about the e-mail along with any entered information via the prompt is automatically

placed into the classification of this DIR.

2) The body of the e-mail is saved as an original within the DIR as a *.txt file.

3) Any/all attachments are stored as originals separately within the DIR in their original file format

(such as *.ppt, *.xls, *.docu2026).

Within this document, you can expect to find step-by-step instructions on how to implement this toolset using the standard developed version. Some aspects of this implementation can be adapted to support customer-specific needs. Where applicable, the document attempts to point out whether customization of the offering is advised.

Please refer SAP Document, "Enterprise Services End-to-End Implementation Guide Using SAP® ERP 2005, ECC-SE SP3" from SAP Service marketplace.

Hope this helps.

Yong Kim