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automatic delivery block to be reduced - Credit management?

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Hi All,

I was asked by a user to change automatic delivery block from 60 days to 30 days for a given credit control area. On further talks with the user, she gave an example where a customer had overdues for more than 60 days and hence went on a block.

After my analysis, i found in OVA8 the following 3 credit check conditions:

1) Static check

2) Open item check (Max%=50, Days = 60)

3) Oldest open item check (90days)

Also for unchecked documents area on top right of OVA8, the deviation mentioned was 20% and No,of days=60 days.

My quesiton, is which of these settings will I have to change to get the automatic delivery block to 30 days from 60 days? Is it point no.2?

I also want to know which credit check condition was triggered for the customer to go into a credit block and what date the customer went into a block.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can check in VKM1, which type of credit check was trigerred, there are fields like STAT, DYNA, OILT, OpIT

First find out due to which your document was blocked, it seems it is open items, if you read open items you will find

Credit check against overdue open items

Specifies whether the system carries out a credit check based on open



This type of credit check works in conjunction with two values that you

specify in the adjacent fields:

o Maximum % of overdue items in open items

o Number of days which the open items are overdue

The proportion of overdue open items (that exceed the specified number

of days) in the total of open items should not exceed the percentage


so in your case items which exceeded 60 days (overdue) should not exceed 50% of all open items. This should have been triggered.

Now if you want to have credit block for all items which are above 30 days than you should use Oldest Open Items and change it to 30 days



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I've made the required changes & the delivery goes in block for new sales orders created. However, this gives rise to two problems:

1) The sales order doesnt show Delivery "Blocked" only gives an "Oldest open item overdue check" warning. Only when you try creating the delivery, an error message pops out stating Delivery is blocked. Doesnt status have to be shown as "Blocked" even on the Sales order?

2) What about old orders that havent been deliverd? As far as I understand the system, the credit check is not at Delivery level, only at Order level. So for the old sales orders, inspite of credit check being activated, i am still able to create deliveries. Is there a way to block these as well?



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Answers (1)

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I have understood credit check conditions but the queries i've mentioned above still exist.

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Probably the above was an anomaly!

closing the thread.