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Automatic debit to tranporter for qty short received

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Hi Guru's,

In our company, in case of STO during the Delivery (VL10B) we are using the Shipment (VT01) & Shipment Cost (VI01) .

Thus the Frieght cost is settled then n their & a service entry sheet will be generated.

At the receiving plant we will be doing MIGO w.r.t. Outbound Delivery. Now, if the GRN qty (say 98 pcs) is less than the delivery qty (100 pcs), then we want that the transporter should be automatically debited for the difference qty. as soon as we save the MIGO & it should be entered in the same service entry sheet created earlier. Simulteneously a Debit Note should be generated to the transporter.

Is it possible to map this in SAP ? If not, in what way can our requirements be met ?

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What you are asking is not possible as per SAP standard flow.

To achieve this, you have to do Invoice Verification first w.r.t. Service Entry Sheet and then do Subsequent Credit for the Same.

Else you can reduce the Invoice qty and value during processing of Invoice w.r.t. Service Entry Sheet and then no need to do Subsequent Credit.

Also you can use concept of "INVOICE REDUCTION" method for the same, system will generate Invoice as well as Debit Note in the same document during Invoice Processing w.r.t. Service Entry Sheet.

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Hello Pankaj Sir,

Thank You for your response.

Even though if we reduce the qty., the value will not be decreased propotionately as the service entry sheet & invoice verification is being done for the freight amount whereas we want both freight amount & material cost to be debited since the material cost is much higher then its freight cost.

I am an SD consultant, so can you plese tell me little more about "Invoice Reduction".


Khushal Agrawal

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Uptill now i have not seen such functionality....You have to make the debit note manually for the more or less delivery....

You can create it only after posting the invoice for the same....