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Automatic Creation of Service Entry Sheet through Maintenance Order

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Hi gurus,

I am facing the situation where a client of mine works with service entry sheets.

At first they create a purcharge requisition with unknown(0) account assinment for services.After that a purcharge order is being created with the same data.

After that they create a PM Order and are executing ML81N where a Service Entry Sheet is being created an as an account assignement object they assign the specific PM Order.

They do not want to using ML81N for service entry sheet creation, but create service entry sheet from maintenance order without producing a requition.

Can anyone help?

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As you said, your user not interested to create P.R and wants to create SES directly.But to crte SES you need to have valid P.O in place.

In SAP we have option to create service entry sheet with unknown account assignment using maintenance plan.For this you need  to have a Open purchase order with account assignment as "U" and item category as "D" for a particular period.

1) Create a Maintenance plan( Plan category as SES) and assign service P.O to the maintenance plan.

2) schedule it as per the service frequency, for example month end to capture miscellaneous maintenance service cost.

3) once service entry sheet is created  you can create a maintenance order and assign it to SES.

This normally helps engineering department for known services at certain frequencies.Example: AMC for KILN PLC systems, so here we can have a open P.O and maintenance plan which triggers SES quarterly.So service engineer comes every quarter and does the service.So engineering person creates a maintenance order once service engineer comes to site and assigns the same to SES.Here system updates directly actual cost in to the maintenance order.

Hope this may help you.



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Dear Pardhu,

I am aware of that solution with maintenance plan, but we have situations where the maintenance is not preventive but corrective and they have a contract with the vendor in order to provide them services when they need them. So we can have the maintenance  plan solution

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This is unusual and complex technical requirement. If you must have it, your skilled ABAPer has to do some research and give you an arrangement such as user will be able to create SES from a custom IW38-like ALV report, where he will double click on Order number and is taken to SES creation (ML81n). In this process he can default many values to the ML81n screens reducing the effort to be put in creating SES. Directly or indirectly ML81n has to be called.



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Thank you Rao for your answer.