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Automatic copy result recording to batch classification

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Dear Experts,

Please tell me how system will automatically copy all result recording to batch classification. How to map this scenario in SAP.



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Answers (2)

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1. Make class characteristics in CT04

2. Add these characteristics in class in CL02

3. Add this class to the classification view in MM01

4. Make MIC in QS21 as reference characteristics.

5. Make inspection plan with these MICs in QP01

For customozation, tick on the checkbox "Batch valuation w/o mat spec"

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Check whether Indicator 'Batch Valuation without Material Spec' in SPRO->QM->Basic Settings->Maintain Settings at Plant Level->Inspection Lot Completion is set

Steps Followed,

u2022 Creation of class Characteristic (CT04)

u2022 Creation of Batch Class (CL01)

u2022 Assignment of above created classed characteristic to the Batch Class at the time of class creation. (CL01)

u2022 Assignment of batch class to material master in classification view. (MM01)

u2022 Creation of MIC with reference to above created Class characteristic (QS21)

u2022 Creation of inspection plan with above MIC (QP01)

u2022 Creation of new batch (external numbering) for the material (MSC1N)

u2022 Creation of manual lot for 89 lot origin (QA01)

u2022 Result recording and usage decision (QA32)